Getting Started with DataKubes

This page will help you get started with DataKubes. You'll be up and running in no time!


DataKubes is an integrated platform in the cloud for your organization's data management.

Starting with DataKubes

The first thing that is needed to use DataKubes is an administrator account created from the site

Upon entering the DataKubes page, locate the "Register" button to start creating your DataKubes administration account.


Administrator Account

The first account is the administrator account; by default, it is always the email and account used in the registry.

Login in DataKubes

Once you complete registration, you will access the DataKubes administrator by pressing the "Login" icon on the page.

Once inside, the home screen will be shown as follows:


Administrator Layout Structure

The administrator is structured in 3 main sections:


Section 1
This section is the header which contains screen title information, search shortcuts, lock screen, notifications, dark mode switch, access to support chat, and session properties.

Section 2
This section is the platform's main menu or navigation. In addition, according to the user's profile, you can observe the Analytics and the Data & Design area and Adjustments.

Section 3
The screens that run processes will be in section 3, which, depending on the options selected in Sections 1 and 2, will be shown in this section 3.