The Security section includes the user's access to their account in DataKubes, besides the users' permits and the Tokens used to share data in DataKubes.


You can create users or invite existing users in DataKubes. Because of this, you can create multiple DataKubes accounts on one user.

The initial user screen views as follows:


The place where you write the email of the user to add, DataKubes will search if it already exists in its authentication database. If not, it will request the user's additional information for its creation, or it will show the option to invite the user.

After you create the user, you will be able to define the user's permits.


To define the permits, select Adjustments > Permits and then choose the user to which you want to apply or modify the permits. Once done, the screen will show the following:


Here you can define if the user is an administrator or a user, which will specify if they have access to the Data & Design and Settings sections.