DataKubes for Mobile Devices.


Learn how to use DataKubes from your mobile devices, then learn more about its kindness:

Downloading DataKubes App

You can download the DataKubes app for your mobile device at the following addresses:

iOS Apple Devices :
Download on iTunes

Android :
Download in PlayStore


An Active DataKube Account is required.

DataKubes apps are free to download. However, they require an active user account to access once the apps are installed on the devices.

Divice Compatibility

Below is a table showing in which devices you can use the DataKubes app:

Devices on iOS:

IPadAll models.
IPhoneAll models.

Devices on Android:

TabletsAll models.
MobilesAll models.

DataKubes App Interface

The interface that will be displayed when opening DataKubes on the mobile device will look as this:


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Available functions in the app are as follows:

DashBoards AccessMobile access to the dashboards associated with the user in session.
Access to the Kubes in InsightsMobile access to the Kubes / Reports associated with the user in session.
Search / Analitical SearchYou will carry out searches within the Kubes in which you have permissions and build analysis tables on the results.
NotificationsAll the notifications generated by the alert rules assigned to the user in the session will be in this section.
Switch Account in DataKubesThe user in session will be able to switch between their associated accounts in DataKubes.