The integrations section allows you to add functionalities to the DataKubes data and tools. Currently, the integration options are:

ClearBitAllows integration so that all Field defined as Mail (e-mail), based on the e-mail the system may show the social scan option to view the user's social network information.
MapBoxIt allows the integration of a map rendering engine called MapBox; this tool will enable you to show any field marked as GPS with a map and display the Map in the report viewer.

Email Social Scan (ClearBit)

Clearbit is a powerful tool designed to get to know your customer by using their email. Currently, when the customer configures the email in DataKubes, the system will show you a link like the one you see in the following image:


Once you enter "Open Social Scan", the following screen will show up:


Geo Maps (MapBox)

Once you enable your account with the MapBox token in the integration, you will be able to see the display of GeoPoint-type fields, as follows:



Nuevas Integraciones

If you require more integrations, you may request them at the platform's support chat.