Billing & Credit Management

Billing in the DataKubes Cloud Environment

Billing in the DataKubes Cloud environment is based on Credit Consumption. You can add credits to your workspace, and the billing process will calculate the resource consumption each month and deduct the credit usage according to the conversion table below.


Credits are the currency used for usage-based billing in DataKubes Data Cloud; they are deducted based on usage and resource type according to the Conversion Table presented below.

Credits are added to the account through two methods:

Direct Credit Card Payment (Shared Resources Plan)

Credit card payments made in your account will be converted at a rate of 1 USD = 1 Credit; each payment will immediately add credits to your account upon receipt of the payment.

Enterprise Customers (Dedicated Resources Plan)

This method is used when you have an open credit account and an enterprise account with ENX LLC. To add more credits through this method, please contact your account manager.

Conversion Table

The conversion table shows the resource equivalent in relation to credits. Each month, the billing process will review the workspace resources and deduct based on this table:

Resource TypeBilling CycleResource QuantityCost in Credits
Computing HoursMonthly Charge100 Hours1
GPU Computing Hours (AI/ML Models)Monthly Charge1 Hour6
Data Storage (SingleStore Cluster)Monthly Charge1 GB2
Data Storage (MySQL Cluster)Monthly Charge1 GB2
Object StorageMonthly Charge10 GB1

Last Updated: 2023-06-14

On the first day of each month, the billing process will review the usage from the previous month and apply the deduction of credits for the resources used that month. Computing Hours are immediately deducted from the account's credit balance. If the credit balance reaches zero (0) or a negative value, an email will be sent to the Workspace owner, instructing them on steps to add more credits to their workspace. For shared resources plans, the account will provide a grace period of 72 hours before stopping computing resources and a 30-day period for data deletion.


Enterprise and Dedicated Plans

If you've received a notification about an overdue or negative balance, please contact your Account Manager to recharge more credits. No Enterprise or Dedicated Plan will be stopped or deleted until our Accounts Receivable Department has personally notified the account holder through configured communication channels.

Account Billing Support

Account billing support can be accessed through the Support Chat on the DataKubes Web Platform using the icon in the main menu:

Support Chat