This tool helps create Forms designed for data collection in the field or online efficiently. In addition, you can map each Form to a chart in the repository.

To create a Form, you only need to enter Repositories> DataForms and select * + Create New , which will show you the following screen:


It is important to note the following options on this screen:

Enable Web Form
This allows publishing the Form to an address provided by DataKubes to access and share the Form with the general public.

Enable Form in DKForms App
This allows enabling the Form to appear in the DataKubes app and the users' web administrator.

You must select the repository where you want to save the Form. Once you create the Form, it will allow you to choose the destination chart and map the necessary fields.

Designing a Form

Once you create the Form, you will see the Form designer that will allow you to define the different parameters.


The first thing to define is the chart that will allow you to select the section to which you will send the results captured by the Form.

Then you must define the Form within which you can define sections (group of fields) to add your specific fields.


Field duplication

It is only allowed to add one field from the destination table to the form, duplicate fields are not allowed.

The types of fields that are allowed in the Form section are:

Tipo de CampoDescripción
Text FieldThis field allows you a simple text field.
Wide text fieldAllows you to define a text field with multiple rows to fill with large text.
Option SelectorThis field allows defining a list of options which will allow the user to only select one.
Multiple Options SelectorThis field allows you to define a list of options, and the user can choose one or more of these options. The result will be saved as JSON in the field of the destination chart .
Create multiples optionsThis field allows you to add a field for the user to add multiple options on demand. The result will be saved as JSON in the field of the destination chart.
Date FieldAllows you to add a field with a date and time picker.
SQL Select FieldThis field allows you to generate a list of options based on data obtained by an SQL executed in the repositor.
Whole incremental key fieldThis field simulates an auto-increment in the form.
Field Key (Rand String)This field allows a primary key of a "string hash" to avoid duplicates and carry a unique primary key of the form record.
Timestamp FieldThis field allows a timestamp field to carry the date and time of registering the data obtained by the form.

You can use the Forms to create data capture screens to complement or analyze processes in your organization.