Repositories in DataKubes

Repositories are Data Silos structured in an engine designed to generate complex reports in real-time.

DataKubes uses a database engine designed for BigData, Machine Learning, and AI, which offers compression of 1 to 10 and complex analytic speed in a fraction of seconds.

Our Data Warehouse uses SingleStore . Our alliance with this manufacturer gives us powerful integration to design solutions for simple and complex needs.

The programmatic language used throughout DataKubes for different low-level functions is SQL. You can find SQL language documentation and powerful * SingleStore functions at:

DataKubes in the repositories section allows you to quickly and easily create repository instances. It is to minimize the adoption time of the organizations of a Data Warehouse with a simple and accessible Data Management System.


Repositories in DataKube

The repositories allow you to integrate native tools in DataKubes, such as DataPipes to extract data to the warehouses, DataForms to create data collection forms, Alerts to monitor and send notifications events found.

Creating a Repository.

To create a repository in your SME plan (Small and Medium Business), you can do so by pressing Create Repository , which will open the following window:


Once the repository has been created, you will see all your repositories configurations in the menu section:


Once, in this option, you see the list and consumption of each repository:


The repositories allow you to configure different native tools in DataKubes.

Herramienta de RepositoriosDescripción
DataObjectsIt is a group of tools that will allow you to manage the objects in the repositories, such as Tables and Views.
DataPipesDataPipes allows creating data extraction lines between external data sources towards the DataKubes repositories. It enables mapping tables between both sources and extracting copies or changes from the origins to the repositories.
DataFormsThis tool helps create forms for data collection in the field or online, efficiently and mapped in the repository.
Alert RulesLas reglas de alerta permiten crear subprocesos que analizan los datos de los repositorios en base a un SQL definido o a un Kube existente, para encontrar coincidencias. Una vez encontradas, son enviadas en forma de notificación a la plataforma WEB, E-mail y Apps móviles, según la sesión de los usuarios configurados en las alertas.
Projects MLThis tool will allow you to create recurring processes. It will read data in repository tables, perform complex calculations or analyses, and send their results to another destination table in the repository—allowing you to create complex analysis solutions to solve complex problems in organizations using AI / ML.
KubesVisual Designer for creating Data Cubes stored in the repositories; These are used to create Presentations, Dashboards, Insights, Relational Search Network, and other DataKubes tools. "It is the logical representation of the data."