It allows you to create data extraction lines from external data sources towards the DataKubes repositories. Furthermore, it will enable mapping charts between sources and extracting copies or changes from the sources to the repositories.

To create a DataPipe, you can go inside Repositories> DataPipes, which will show the following screen:


To create a new DataPipe, click on * + Create New ¡, which will show you the DataPipe creation screen.


Type of DataPipe
Defines whether you want to extract data from a table in the source data source to a table in the selected repository. Or if you wish to obtain a SQL result, which can be extracted to a chart in the repository. It is useful when you want to extract data, which is originally in different charts.

Synchronization Type
This option allows you to define if you want to extract the complete data each time you executed the DataPipe or if you want to use a first complete extraction, only extract changed or inserted data after a primary key timestamp field, or both.

Once create DataPipe, you will see the DataPipe manager, which is quite intuitive.