DataApp Studio

DataApps creates applications that quickly consume data and allow DataKubes users to deploy it easily.

Creating a DataApp.

In this video, we show how to create a DataApp using the DataApp Studio. A No-Code environment to quickly develop applications that query, visualize and manipulate data contained in DataKubes.

In this video, more information about:

  • DataApp Creation.
  • DataApp Creation from a Data WorkShop.

DataApp Overview 1

In this video, more information about:

  • DataApp Studio development environment
  • Add Screens to a DataApp
  • Dashboard Screen Management in a DataApp.
  • Add Kubes widgets to Dashboards Screens.

In this video, more information on:

  • Data Editing Type Screen handling.
  • Creation of Form of Creation and Edition of registries in a data edition screen.

Filters in Dashboard Screens in a DataApp

In this video we explain how to use Data Range and Custom Field filters to you dashboard screens in your DataApp.


More Videos?

If you would like more demo videos of DataApp Features please give us a Chat in your DataKubes Console, we would be more than happy to serve your needs.