Machine Learning Example in DataKubes

AI Customer Churn Example

Next, we show how they can implement from the creation to the deployment of a DataApp which uses Machine Learning to predict if a client will leave the company, commonly called Churn.

DataKubes WorkShop

This first video explains the following points:

  • Creation of a Project in DataKubes Workshop
  • Create and edit objects in DataKubes WorkShop
  • Project workflow in DataKubes WorkShop
  • Tables of Data Profiles and their columns.
  • Add DataKubes AutoML object in WorkShop projects
  • Metrics and Analysis of the effectiveness of Machine Learning models.
  • Machine Learning Objects Configuration.
  • Pause Project Objects
  • Project Objects Individual execution.
  • Data WorkShop Project complete execution.
  • Object Execution Ordering in the project.

DataKubes Data App Studio

This second video explains the following points:

  • Creation and Editing of a DataApp to a WorkShop project
  • DataKubes DarkMode
  • DataApps Renderings.
  • Add Screens to DataApps.
  • Screen Types in DataApps.
  • Filters on screens and date range.
  • Add action buttons on dashboard screens.
  • Dashboard objects such as tabs, widgets, and others.
  • Hidden screens.
  • List Screens to Dashboards (Hidden Screen)
  • Quick search screen.
  • Screens grouping of hidden screens.
  • Include execution of Machine Learning projects within DataApps.